Premium Goat Meat from the hills of Cumbria

Tailored Goat Company is a family business dedicated to producing the highest quality, grass fed goat meat straight from the Cumbrian hills. Having grown up on North Netherscales Farm near Penrith as a third generation farmer, myself & my family have the background and knowledge to rear our herd of British Boer Goats to yield the finest meat.

Our goats are free to graze on small paddocks around the farm and their diet is complimented with beef rearing nuts from the local mill just seven miles down the road from us here at the farm.

We have chosen to breed the Boer goat, as this type is perfect for supplying the UK meat industry with low cholesterol and lean meat. Customers can be safe in the knowledge that our herd is reared in welfare friendly conditions in an environment that nurtures their docile temperament.

Tailored Goat Company

I was awarded the Henry Plumb Foundation Scholarship in 2014, which provided me with the funding necessary to start Tailored Goat Company. I was also given priceless support by an experienced industry mentor who was matched with me by the foundation. The Foundation only sponsors a few people a year across the UK who present innovative agricultural ideas. For more information on the Foundation started by Lord Henry Plumb, click here

If you're interested in stocking goat meat that's come from our healthy and happy herd, then please contact Chris 07772525286

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